The Lois Legacy - Alternate Camera Edit - Part One - Arielle Lane 1
The Lois Legacy - Alternate Camera Edit - Part One - Arielle Lane 2


Encore! As we begin the second camera versions of this feature, the charming introductions with Arielle Lane and Ashley Lane have been removed so we can get right to the bondage action. In the first segment, Arielle Lane has gone undercover dressed as a French maid (in a short maid uniform, patterned stockings and strappy heels), investigating the story of a missing mermaid. The gorgeous brunette is caught snooping and consequently tied up. She's interrogated by her captors, and while she's completely honest about her motives for infiltrating the party, she tries to minimize the ridiculous story. But the villains know how serious this is, and they ballgag poor Arielle. She struggles in vain against the snug ropes, helplessly drooling past her gag. They expose her pert, all natural breasts and Arielle wonders how she'll ever be able to escape from this dilemma. It could only be more humiliating if her cousin Ashley was the one who came in to rescue her.


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