The Damsel Mission - Deleted Scene - Ashly Anderson 1
The Damsel Mission - Deleted Scene - Ashly Anderson 2


Here, at last, is the 1st camera version of this thrilling scene! Because of running time considerations, some pulse-pounding scenes had to be edited from "The Damsel Mission" feature. In this segment, we see Ashly Anderson's initial capture by the masked intruder. The scene begins with the stunning brunette looking for her missing maid, unaware the dark villain has already waylaid the petite domestic. When she's confronted by the intruder, she realizes its best if she offers no resistance, and the villain promptly binds and bandana-gags the busty beauty (all tying and gagging is shown on-screen). Once her captor has her trussed up, he takes advantage of Ashly's helplessness and exposes her luscious breasts. When he leaves her alone, the sexy brunette tries to free herself, but she fails to loosen the knots, and soon the black-clad villain returns to begin the next part of Ashly's ordeal!


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