The Action Ladies - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery - Jon Woods 1
The Action Ladies - Part Two - Carissa Montgomery - Jon Woods 2


The next part of this story is moves the narrative to the present with a new adventure as Action Lady faces the "Revenge of the Black Hoodie." As our scene opens Carissa Montgomery (in minidress, boots and lacy panties) has fallen into the clutches of the dark supervillain. She's tapegagged and chair-tied, and her captor has secured a very special vibrator between her thighs. The Black Hoodie informs his luscious captive that it's no ordinary vibrator strapped against her most intimate area: this wicked device will permanently alter her molecule structure! The masked miscreant then activates the fiendish vibrator. Action Lady futilely struggles to get free of this trap, but she ultimately succumbs to the ineluctable hum of the demonic toy and surrenders to a helpless orgasm -- but that's not all that happens!


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