The Action Ladies - Part Six - Terra Mizu - Jon Woods 1
The Action Ladies - Part Six - Terra Mizu - Jon Woods 2


"The Phantom of Morningwood Drive" episode of "Always In Trouble concludes and the hapless Mrs. Johnson (Terra Mizu) is spirited awayto the Phantom's secret dungeon. The busty beauty is dressed only in a girdle, stockings and lacy panties, and she's tied with her hands overhead. Her legs are folded lotus-style, and there's a powerful vibrator fastened at her crotch. She begs in vain for the villain to set her free, but he only straps a bright red ballgag between her lips. The Phantom then switches on the device and she futilely struggles to escape from the influence of the depraved device. But she can't get away, and the helpless housewife is compelled to have a shuddering orgasm, much to the Phantom's sinister delight! But could this be what his stunning captive secretly craved as well?


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