The Action Ladies - Part One - Amber Michaels - Carissa Montgomery 1
The Action Ladies - Part One - Amber Michaels - Carissa Montgomery 2


In the next thrilling installment of the Action Lady saga, we jump back to the beginning and show how Carissa Montgomery became the titular adventuress. As the story opens, the original Action Lady, Amber Michaels, has been taken captive by a master criminal and she's being held post-tied and cleavegagged in his fortified compound. But fearless operatives from the Federal Agency for Tactical Enforcement are coming to the rescue! Agent Montgomery has fought her way through guards and traps and is the first one to find the trussed up defender of justice. But before Carissa can liberate Amber, she's overpowered by the villains. The next thing the agent knows, she's been stripped and she's gagged and bound back-to-back with Action Lady. Through her gag, Amber tells her co-prisoner that it'll all be over for them if they can't free themselves within ten minutes. The busty damsels then desperately struggle and squirm against their restraints. After Carissa finds a way for them to escape, Amber offers her rescuer the opportunity to become the new Action Lady, and the rest is legend.


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