The Action Ladies - Part Five - Terra Mizu 1
The Action Ladies - Part Five - Terra Mizu 2


As "The Phantom of Morningwood Drive" episode of "Always In Trouble" continues, Mrs. Johnson (Terra Mizu, in a 1950s style dress, heels and short gloves) is confronted at home by the Phantom. At first she mistakenly believes the intruder is just her husband, Dick, playing a joke on her. When she realizes it's not him she promptly faints. When she awakens she finds herself cleavegagged and thoroughly tied up in a classic position. The sexy housewife energetically squirms against her restraints, but it's all to no avail! When she tries to wiggle to the phone to call for help, her attempt is thwarted by the reappearance of the Phantom!


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