Stop Alexis Taylor Again! - Part Seven - Alexis Taylor 1
Stop Alexis Taylor Again! - Part Seven - Alexis Taylor 2


Alexis Taylor is still in her belly dancer costume and barefoot when she's captured, bound and bandana-gagged by the villains. She begins tied up in a classic seated position, then her hands are tied over her head. The busty reporter then finally comes face-to-face with her nemesis, Colonel Jackman, for the first time. He explains why they grabbed Alexis' twin sister, why he sent her on a world-wide chase, and then he demands she surrender secret files she discovered while investigating a story. When our valiant damsel refuses to comply with his demands, he tells her that both she and her twin will be sold into white slavery. He then exposes Ms. Taylor's huge breasts in anticipation of the arrival of her new owner, and Alexis struggles and despairs. How will she ever be able to escape this terrible plight?


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