MW36 - Poppy vs Steve! Topless Surprise! 1
MW36 - Poppy vs Steve! Topless Surprise! 2


I met Poppy in my taxi. I asked her for her phone number. I phoned her the following day. I asked if I could pop over and she said "Yes" straight away. I had intended just to chat about the work, but she wanted to show what she had. Though I hadn't realised it before, Poppy has done a lot of porn work, and even wrestled .5 miles from me and I'd never met her before this. We wrestled, Poppy was topless and I had to strip to my underwear. This was a surprise and like all of my favourite wrestles this was totally unplanned, I didn't have to pay her and she was just fucking awesome !! She will be doing more, but this naturally large breasted 40 year old MILF is the horniest girl I've wrestled ever yet


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