Mistress Ava and Felicity’s Spitty Slave (Full) HD mp4 1
Mistress Ava and Felicity’s Spitty Slave (Full) HD mp4 2


The Mistresses have secured a slave to a chair by his collar. “Do you know why we’ve secured you slave? No Mistress. Mistress Ava leans over and spits “right in the fucking eye!” she spits again and it lands on his forehead. “Open” - Goddess Felicity spits in his mouth. “Your goal in life is to serve true ebony perfection” says Mistress Ava, spitting on his tongue. “Our spit is all you deserve slave. You’re so lucky to serve us in this way”. Mistress Ava coughs and deposits phlegm on the slave’s face. The Mistresses have ordered the slave to keep his mouth open and not swallow. “Its filling up in there isn’t it?” observes Goddess Felicity as spit dribbles from the slave’s mouth. Maybe we should make him spit it into his hand and beat off in it, then swallow it down as a nice little squirty cocktail” says Mistress Ava. They plaster the slave’s face with phlegm and fill his mouth with spit. (this full length version contains 2 clips)


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