Detective In A Haunted House - Part Two - Chi Chi Medina 1
Detective In A Haunted House - Part Two - Chi Chi Medina 2


As the story continues, private detective Chi Chi Medina is assigned to investigate all the mysterious disappearances linked to the haunted house. As she's looking for clues in the study, she opens a closet door and is shocked to find herself face-to-face with a werewolf! The gorgeous gumshoe (in a minidress and heels) immediately faints, and the furry creature takes advantage of Chi Chi's powerless condition to examine the supine intruder. The sexy shamus is next seen securely tied to a chair and cleavegagged. Her hairy tormentor comes in to check on the trussed-up detective, and he pulls open her dress for a better look at her considerable breasts. Left alone, Chi Chi energetically struggles against her bindings, but to no avail! Then she remembers she has a device on her that, with effort, aids in her liberation from the werewolf's clutches, and she frees herself.


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