Burglar's Betrayal — Roped, Groped & Gagged - Part Five - Christiana Cinn 1
Burglar's Betrayal — Roped, Groped & Gagged - Part Five - Christiana Cinn 2


In the steampunk-inspired scene, "Detective Cinn's Dilemma," Victorian-era Private Investigator Christiana Cinn is following a lead that takes her to the secret hideout of the notorious thug known only as "Bike." The gorgeous gumshoe thinks he's gone away so she's taken completely by surprise when the ruffian suddenly appears and grabs her hand-over-mouth. The villain wrestles her down and demands to know why she's trespassing on his property. Bike immediately recognizes the stunning detective and decides to take her captive. Christiana (in corset, skirt, tights and ankle-boots) is tied down to the bed and her perfect breasts are bared. Detective Cinn is muffled with a stuffed cleavegag and Bike has secured a powerful vibrator between her thighs. He activates the device and leaves the beautiful sleuth with a stern warning before fleeing. Christiana tries her best to resist the ineluctable siren-song of the vibrator, but escape is impossible and soon she succumbs to back-arching, eye-rolling orgasms.


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