Ariel and the Bagno Cuffs 1
Ariel and the Bagno Cuffs 2
Ariel and the Bagno Cuffs 3
Ariel and the Bagno Cuffs 4


We're showing Ariel our bagno handcuffs today - they're a little bit unusual, but they are genuine handcuffs. Ariel was hoping for food and on that note she thinks they look like something for, maybe, mincing meat? She's just a little apprehensive about bone crushing possibilities as they are tightened but once on she's not entirely sure she couldn't still attack someone with them on. Hmm... backing off a little as we continue talking. Arielthinks the cuffs make her feel a bit like a pony... or a pianist... or a typist. Then she wonders if they might be escapable by twisting her wrists but... ouch... no that just hurts. Maybe she could sue if she injures herself??? We don't think so.


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