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Kallisti works at a store for bondage videos. A lady customer wants to pick up two videos. When the customer arrives, Kallisti gets the surprise of a lifetime. The customer wants to have the master password for the main computer system, so she can find out all movie secrets. Kallisti is of course not willing to give away the password. So she is first tied to a chair, while Bibi has a look around. When she realises that she doesn’t find what she is looking for, she takes Kallisti with her. Bibi continues Kallisti’s interrogation in her apartment. But Kalisti continues to refuse to give out any information. So Bibi thinks of some ideas to torture her. Firstly, she puts Kallisti in a whole body bag made of leather. Kallisti escape attempt fails and Bibi has more nasty ideas to turn up the heat on Kallisti- quite literally. Kallisti has to sit on a metal frame and Bibi puts tea lights under her bare feet. As Kallisti is tied up, she cannot escape from the heat. After that she is tied to the bed for some thinking time. What is going to happen to her next?


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