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Jassi and Monique are abducted. The abductor is after secret document from the company they work as secretaries. But both of them refuse to co-operate. A devilish game begins… Firstly, they have to tie each other up. Then they have to try to get free, which is not that easy. The abductor orders them to wear fetish clothes, and continues with his game. Jassi must wash Monique’s feet and then lick them. Then she is fed from Monique’s feet. The abductor applies a toe spreader to Monique as a special treatment. But still, they do not relinquish the required information. Now they are dressed up as Pony girls and must obey his commands. Trott, gallop or crawling, they’ve got to do it all. But their resistance remains unbroken. Now Monique must put her friend into a metal corset, which renders Jassi totally helpless. Monique must wear a high neck brace. Will they start talking? Starring: Jassi+Monique, Merlin as the abductor


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