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With this film I made one of my dreams come true. A custom request film for me, so to say. I always wanted to make a Pony-Girl film with three sweet girls. For that, I have had a sulky built, to which the Pony’s could be tied. Kallisti fulfilled her role as Captain very well. The two Ponies were initially tamed. The young Pony Bibi must firstly run behind the sulky and learn how to pull it. Out in the field, the Pony Monique is trained by Kallisti. The young Pony is observing this. Then it is her turn to show what she can do. Later, they are both training jointly; running the lead together with the feet tied together and so on. Obviously they get the odd sugar and some water. After all the dressage, the young Pony is then also put before the Sulky. They have to pull their Captain along the forest ways. Trott or gallop, they have got to do it all…


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