Detective In A Haunted House - Part Three - Chi Chi Medina 1
Detective In A Haunted House - Part Three - Chi Chi Medina 2


Chi Chi Medina has just escaped from the clutches of a depraved werewolf. But instead of fleeing the haunted house, the brave detective continues her search for the missing women. She finds the dungeon where Victoria June was held earlier, but the room is now deserted. Chi Chi is investigating for clues when she's suddenly grabbed by a lab-coat clad gorilla! Detective Medina is next seen barefoot and stripped down to some ragged clothes, tied standing with her hands overhead. The feisty damsel demands that the damned dirty ape release her, but instead he cleavegags the stunning brunette. Poor Chi Chi is left to ponder her fate, and she struggles to get free -- but without success this time! The nasty gorilla soon returns and rips open her top, revealed her considerable breasts. Chi Chi continues her valiant efforts to get lose, but she realizes she's completely at their mercy now!


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