• Mistress Jezabel at Villa Domina - Tongue Washing Shes and Dirty Stocking Smother (Full) HD wmv

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    Mistress Jezabel has got the house slave kneeling in front of her in slave position 4, with his tongue out on the floor. “I’ve got a job for you slave - see the dirty marks on my shoe soles? You are to clean them off with your tongue.” she slap him hard with her three foot shoe horn - “back of the shoes and the long stiletto heels slave. What are you forgetting slave? The other shoe of course! Get your tongue going and focus slave!” He sets to work tongue washing her grubby shoes, while she encourages him with blows from her shoe horn. "Stop slave!" I want you to take my shoes off and message my hot smelly feet in their dirty stockings. Did I say you can sniff my shoe? Don't take advantage slave! Now massage them nicely. Owww, gently slave! I didn't say you could kiss them. Massage them. Now lie on your back". Mistress puts her dirty, smelly stockinged feet over his face and presses down. "Take a deep breath in slave. You've got to learn obedience. You may kiss my feet slave. Now go away slave, I don't want to see you any more”.

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