• Mistress Jezabel at Villa Domina - Suck My Dirty Toes (HD wmv)

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    Mistress Jezable is slapping her useless slave in the face. She threatens to lock him in the cupboard while he grovels and pleads. “Beg harder”. she slap his face again and again and spits in it. “Prostrate yourself at my feet”.  “Do you promise you are going to do better? OK sit up and open your mouth”. Mistress pushes her dirty bare feet into his mouth. He catches her toes with his teeth. “Don’t bite me slave! “ Mistress slaps him in the face again and spits in it. “Now try again with the other one and don’t fuck up this time”. She throws her glass of champagne in his face. “Lick that up off the floor”. He washes the dirty floor with his tongue. “Hurry up slave. You disgust me.” she spits in his face again. “Now fuck off and clean yourself up.”

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