• Countess de Jager - Ashtray Slave - Cigar Part 1

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    The Countess de Jager wants a smoke and there is nothing she likes better than smoking a cigar. The Countess starts by unwrapping and licking her cigar and then spitting in the slave's mouth, glancing down she notices some drool on her breasts and leaning forward gets the slave to lick it off Next she leans forward and blows smoke from her mouth into the slave's mouth, getting him to inhale it, giggling at him after doing so. The cigar ash is getting long so she flicks it off into the slave's mouth, then gets him to take in more smoke, gagging the slave's mouth with her hand, she blows smoke up his nose. Next more cigar ash is dumped on the slave's tongue and the Countess leans forward and spits profusely into his mouth.    

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